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Meet Kevin Lincoln

My name is Kevin Lincoln, and my story is the Valley’s story. I am a 3rd generation Stocktonian, raising a 4th generation in the city I love. I’m the grandson of Mexican immigrants, and my stepfather is an Army veteran. 

Like many Stocktonians, my family has overcome economic setbacks. My own father struggled to survive on these streets, and was at one time homeless. But I never let adversity define me. I joined the Marines and served in the White House Military Office, assigned to Marine One. I graduated college while working full-time and raising a family. I’ve worked in corporate America and served our community as a pastor and as a non-profit leader. I’m blessed with a beautiful wife, Bonnie, and two amazing children. I’ve lived a life of service, but the greatest honor of my life has been giving back to my community through serving as Mayor of my hometown, Stockton. 

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Fighting for Stockton and our Valley.

As Stocktonians, we work hard and we work together, regardless of party. In my time as Mayor, we’ve emerged from COVID, attracted thousands of new small businesses, balanced our budgets, invested in our youth, reduced violent crime and made real progress on homelessness. But Stockton is not an island. Washington’s broken politics are making it harder to move forward. Inflationary spending is raising the cost of groceries, gas, and housing for Valley families. Our stagnant economy is leaving people behind, worsening our homeless crisis. 

Both parties are to blame, and I refuse to let Washington neglect our Valley any longer. That’s why I’m running for Congress: to build on our progress and fight for real change that puts the Valley’s interests first. 

Let’s do this together and show Washington how real change gets done. 

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